AMMC announces expansion of services to include IR light laser therapy

AMMC announced that people will now benefit from state-of-the-art IR therapy. dr Patricia Delzell explains, “It is a revolutionary technology that has been shown to help immensely in relieving many types of pain.”

AMMC announced earlier in the week that the clinic had begun operating its much-anticipated IR laser therapy service, also known as light therapy. The company stated in its official press release that it had acquired the SUMMAS IR laser, which would treat pain, scar tissue and neuropathy. Corresponding dr Patricia Delzellthis approach will make the treatment of people complaining of various forms of chronic pain easier and faster, in addition to other forms of therapy.

While a few other clinics use it Light therapy for chronic pain, dr Patricia Delzell’s approach is somewhat novel. It begins with an ultrasound that maps the area and scar before treatment. The ultrasound gives the doctor an idea of ​​what might be causing the pain before designing a viable light therapy solution to treat it.

AMMC – IR Laser Therapy Service

Although light therapy is immensely effective, it must be administered several times a week for at least 5 weeks. The benefits are cumulative, but most people will notice a difference between their 3rd and 4th session. The SUMMAS IR laser is used to heal soft tissue scars by stimulating blood flow, oxygenation and cellular energy production. The approach is excellent for restoring regular sensory transmission through the nerves to reduce the sensation of pain. Treatment is done on the skin of the affected area, so patients can wear loose clothing to allow the laser to access the area. AMMC will also provide patients with a gown prior to treatment if required for the session.

Readers can learn more about AMMC’s IR Laser Therapy by visiting the clinic’s official website at

“The total number of laser therapy sessions that pain patients would need depends mainly on the nature of their condition. We usually decide this during the consultation phase of our meeting. After each therapy session, the patient’s condition is discussed in a brief consultation. If the condition is chronic, at least ten sessions are generally required, but more comprehensive treatment may require up to a dozen sessions. It is worth noting that there are some persistent chronic conditions that require ongoing care to keep pain levels down and improve functionality over time.” said dr Patricia Delzell

she added “Many of our patients will benefit from IR laser therapy which is why we have added the latest and greatest device to make this possible. The SUMMAS IR laser treatment device is the best in the business, with various functions. It’s something that will speed up the pain relief process for most of my patients.”

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