Benefits of NDIS

Psychologists work closely with clients to help them understand and manage their difficulties, behaviours and emotions, as well as to teach them healthy coping mechanisms. These coping skills are important for people with disabilities to help them live independently and thrive in their communities. They also support participants to reach their goals and aspirations in life.

Whether you need to work on behavioural issues, build your self-esteem or cultivate meaningful relationships, a MindCare Mental Health Services NDIS psychologist is here to help. Utilising personalised therapeutic paradigms and techniques, our psychology providers can help you overcome the challenges you face with compassion and empathy.

The NDIS is a government-funded scheme that makes assistance available for Australians who have a permanent and significant disability. It provides funding to allow you to access certain types of support, so that you can build the skills you need and live your life with more independence. The services that you can have funded through the NDIS include counselling, therapy, community engagement and training.

Our NDIS registered psychologists have extensive experience in assisting clients to meet their goals and live life to the fullest. Using personalised, evidence-based approaches, our psychologists will guide you through your journey towards mental wellness and help you overcome the challenges that you face.

A MindCare Mental Health Services psychologists can assist you to build your emotional resilience and confidence in a safe environment, and can teach you how to develop healthy coping strategies that will enable you to be more independent and thrive in your community. Whether you are struggling to maintain relationships, or feel lonely or anxious because of your disability, an NDIS psychologist can work with you to understand and address these issues.

NDIS psychologist Sunshine Coast can provide a number of supports that are listed under the therapeutic support category of your plan, including counselling for adults and children, review letters for NDIS plan renewals and psychological assessments. Psychologists can also provide a range of allied health support such as dietary and exercise advice, as well as social support for groups and individuals.

MindCare Mental Health Services psychologists can visit you in your home, at a community centre or respite service, or even in schools and kindergartens. Our psychologists are experienced in delivering community consultations and can work with you on your NDIS participation goals and behavioural support plans.

NDIS Psychologist Fees

If you are a registered psychologist who is part of an NDIS provider network, you can deliver supports to NDIS participants with the funding that is provided to you through your provider agreement. This is known as being ‘plan manager managed’. If you choose to be plan manager managed, your NDIS provider will pay your providers for you and help you to keep track of your funds.

Alternatively, you can self manage your NDIS plan. This means you can choose which providers to engage with and how much funding to allocate to each support. You can then submit invoices to your NDIS provider network for the support you have delivered. NDIS participants who are self managed should check the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits to find out what fees they can charge for their supports.

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