Ceramic Coating Northgate

Ceramic Coating Northgate is a clear, semi-permanent auto body protection that lasts more than paint protection or waxing film. Ceramic coating protects the finish of your vehicle from contaminates like tree sap and bird droppings acidic rain, as well as chemicals stains from air pollution. It stops it from adhering to paint surface. It also shortens cleaning time by making the water-based dirt and grime settle on the surface and then disappear. This means that you can get your car cleaner more often without needing to apply as much detergent or water.

If you live in a heavily salted area or frequently drive on roads with lots of sand, a ceramic coatings can provide some protection against rust and corrosion. It also prevents oxidation, as well as ultraviolet rays from the sun from discoloring the car’s color. Ceramic coating gives your car a the appearance of “just-waxed” shiny appearance. It also adds depth and highlights all the colors that are present in its original finish.

The ceramic polymer layer forms a hydrophobic layer, which makes water and dirt repel off of the paint of your car. This stops minerals and other contaminants from adhering to the paint, which can cause scratching, etching or fade. Ceramic coatings are more durable than traditional waxes and can be reapplied whenever needed. This can save you money and time.

Ceramic coating is more expensive than other options, such as waxing, however it offers durable and long-lasting shield. Ceramic coatings last for up to seven years, whereas waxes can last only a few months. Ceramic coating should be applied by a professional, however DIY kits can be purchased for those looking to save money.

Although it is a relatively new technology, ceramic coatings are gaining popularity with car owners and enthusiasts. The high-tech coating is extremely durable and can endure harsh chemical as well as heat and scratches. The process is labor intensive and requires extensive training to ensure flawless application. If done correctly, a ceramic coating can last for many years before needing to be applied again.

PPF and Ceramic PPF vs Ceramic: Which is Right for Me?

PPF and ceramic are two popular choices for car owners who want to better take care of their automobiles. Both provide excellent protection, but the choice is based on your budget and needs. Both can reduce the requirement for regular maintenance and cleaning including abrasive chemicals as well as scratching brushes. However, PPF is thicker than ceramic and provides greater protection against rock chips and road debris.

Whether you choose PPF or ceramic, both are an excellent investment for the future of your vehicle. Our technicians at Final Finish Auto Salon are expertly trained and skilled to apply ceramic and PPF applications with precision and long-lasting results. Call us today to make your appointment! We also offer window tinting and other services for cars to make your life easier.

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