Chicago’s In Motion Physical Therapy is expanding its offering to include in-home therapy

Chicago’s premium physical therapy service, In Motion Physical Therapy, has announced plans to expand its services to include self-pay, at-home therapy and wellness services.

In Motion Physical Therapy, a respected name in Chicago’s healthcare sector, has announced plans to expand its services Physiotherapy at home and personal training. The service is intended for people living within a mile of the clinic, as well as patients with a valid medical referral.

The new service means patients can get the treatment they need, in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. Patients can receive physical therapy sessions and personal training sessions through in-home services. Appointments can be made to use the services through the official In Motion website. The process simply requires filling out an online form that includes mandatory personal information such as name, email address, phone number, insurance information, the nature of the problem, and preferred date for an appointment. The Therapy Clinic representative will be in touch shortly to confirm the appointment.

Physiotherapy in motion

At-home physical therapy treatments are only offered to patients who have a doctor’s referral. Each client is evaluated by In Motion’s team of therapists and the services provided depend on the final diagnosis and whether the therapists consider it advantageous for the client.

In-Home Personal Training is offered to patients who wish to further improve their quality of life after completing physical therapy. Individuals interested in personal training to lose weight, build strength and endurance, or improve their health can also benefit from at-home therapy services.

Visit the In Motion Physical Therapy website at to learn more about the clinic’s performance physical therapy services and to book their in-home PT services.

“Many people may not have the time or opportunity to visit us in person at the clinic. Over the years, many patients have asked that we perform their prescribed physical therapy at home. However, there are many variables that need to be considered when offering home visits. Although it has taken us some time to sort everything out, we can say with certainty that our patients will benefit from the top quality physical therapy they receive at our clinic.” Said a representative from In Motion Physical Therapy.

she added “Whether you can’t move or don’t have time to visit us in person, start by booking your session online. We will then get in touch with you to discuss what you need and arrange a range of appointments accordingly. However, the service is currently available on a first come, first served basis.”

About In Motion Physiotherapy

In Motion Physical Therapy is dedicated to providing world-class physical therapy services that help patients get back to their favorite activities. The company works with tennis players, runners and people who want to lose weight. located in Lincoln Parkthe company provides quality care for patients to get back on their feet.

Physiotherapy in motion

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Physiotherapy in motion


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