Clear Swim Pool Care offers weekly pool cleaning for the Birmingham area

Keeps pools clean so residents have the time of their lives

Clear Swim Pool Care has announced a Weekly pool cleaning Service for residents of Birmingham and surrounding cities that allows them to have fun whenever they want without having to worry about maintenance.

Having a pool around the house is not only a luxury, but also a source of constant entertainment for family members, especially young ones. People invest huge sums of money to install pools in their outdoor areas to play it cool when it gets hot outside. Just lounging by the pool can be deeply relaxing. However, the cleaning and maintenance work can become the bane of existence for people.

Clear swimming pool care

That’s where the renowned Birmingham pool cleaner comes to her rescue. Clear Swim Pool Care has become a trusted name among area residents thanks to its wide range of impeccable services which include pool cleaning and maintenance. In addition, it also helps them with the installation and repair of equipment if needed to reduce the hassle involved in maintaining the pool.

With years of experience in the field, Clear Swim Pool Care understands that maintaining a clean pool is much more than just a basic understanding. It requires insight into chemistry, water and the principles of balance. It is a licensed company that is also PCCR and CPI certified by the National Swimming Pool Foundation. His long list of satisfied customers and rave reviews are a testament to the quality of his services.

Clear Swim Pool Care makes the best of the latest pool maintenance Technology that allows customers to save up to 50% on monthly pool energy costs. It is also known for its healthy solutions that are a smart alternative to chlorine and other harsh chemicals. Its salt-based chlorine and sanitizing systems are known to be safer for people and their family members.

And now, people in Birmingham and the surrounding cities can make sure the fun never stops by taking advantage of the Weekly pool service offered by the company. As part of the service, Clear Swim Pool Care takes care of the maintenance of the pool with its innovative and proven methods. It also takes care of the green pool cleaning that can be caused by poor water chemistry and circulation issues.

Pools can suffer after storms and using the wrong cleaning components can worsen the damage. Clear Swim Pool Care only uses high quality equipment to ensure the pool is cleaned thoroughly and safely. These measures are also taken into account when the process is changed or when the pool is put into operation again. Prospects can request a free consultation and benefit from the company’s world-class weekly or one-off services.

About Clear Swim Pool Care

Located in the heart of the city, the company has earned its spurs on the back of providing impeccable pool cleaning, maintenance, equipment and repair solutions to people in and around Birmingham.


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Clear swimming pool care

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Clear swimming pool care

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