Concrete Leveling – A Better Alternative to Mudjacking

You may not like the look of sunken concrete slabs on your driveway, patio or walkway. They can also be dangerous for you and your guests. Sinking concrete should be addressed immediately to avoid tripping hazards. It helps prevent the problem getting worse, and ultimately replacing your concrete slab with new concrete which is a costly process.

Use self-leveling concrete compound to fill in low areas for Sidewalk Repair . This is not a good idea because these products can be used only indoors, and they may chip or peel off on exterior surfaces due to freeze/thaw cycles. These products are also only good for a couple of years before they have to be replaced.

Mud jacking can also be used to level concrete. It involves drilling holes in the concrete and pumping a mixture consisting of soil, clay, sand, and cement. The holes are filled up with a slurry that lifts the sunken slab back to its original position. This method can be less expensive than replacing the sunken concrete slab with new concrete. However it is messy and requires extensive cleaning.

It’s also crucial to note that mudjacking doesn’t provide a long-term solution. The slurry which mudjackers use to pump under the concrete will wash off with rain, leaving you at square one. Additionally, mudjacking can be messy and requires a lot of equipment to complete the project.

Mudjacking: A Better Alternative

The quickest, cleanest and most effective way to repair sunken concrete is through concrete leveling. This process makes use of a special limestone slurry to fill in any gaps or voids below your concrete. It then lifts it back up into its original position. The slurry consists of crushed agricultural limestone mixed with water. It is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional mud.

A-1’s patented concrete-leveling process, PolyLevel, provides the same benefits as mudjacking, but at a fraction the cost. PolyLevel is environmentally friendly and lightweight, and it will not contribute to soil settlement in future. This makes it a more cost-effective option than mudjacking.

For concrete leveling estimates from local concrete professionals, contact A-1 if you are dealing with sunken walkways or other concrete problems. We can offer a fast and affordable solution to your concrete problems so that you can have a safe and functional area.

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