Flink Recruit launches new website for its innovative recruitment platform in South Africa

Flink’s novel recruitment platform aims to revolutionize traditional recruitment as we know it

The newly launched Flink recruitment platform and their brand new website aim to revolutionize the traditional recruitment sector in South Africa.

Flink Recruit was built in 2021 with the goal of automating recruiting and disrupting the industry. This unique recruitment platform relies on disruptive innovation to deliver high-quality, high-speed recruitment. Quite simply, it demonstrates the promise of being a game changer in the industry while not only simplifying the search for candidates, but also improving the quality of identified candidates for the benefit of employers.

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Flink recruitment platform has a lot to offer companies – “FlinkCo’s” – because they now have direct and immediate access to a broad pool of the best talent. The platform offers a full recruitment cycle from shortlisting, screening, interviewing and grading to psychometric assessments and reference checks of all candidates. Candidates – “Nimble” on the other hand are given the opportunity to showcase their true talents and skills in order to find their way to a purposeful and rewarding career. The platform optimizes the search results and the recruitment process through digitization, unique algorithms and artificial intelligence.

Among the benefits of the Flink recruitment platform for FlinkCos is the fact that they get access to candidates who are screened and screened before they can be interviewed. Thanks to its intelligent filters and algorithms, top candidates can be shortlisted in seconds, saving employers a lot of time. The platform goes one step further with efficient interviewing, offer management and recruitment management for the benefit of companies.

Taking into account the current work dynamics, the Flink recruitment platform performs ranking optimization through psychometric assessment. This means that the selected candidates are culturally appropriate for companies and have the right skills for their teams. The Flink platform also automatically contacts references and the responses are taken into account when ranking candidates to help FlinkCo make informed decisions.

Candidates interested in finding positions that match their skills and talents can easily register with Flink Recruit. They must create their profile with credentials, fill out a criminal complaint, and submit personal information. They are then invited to interviews through the platform for companies interested in their profiles. A specialized psychometric test helps to rank them based on clients’ specific needs.

Simple reference checks are carried out by the Flink recruitment platform, meaning both previous employers and Flinkers have fewer problems. Candidates who succeed at the interview receive job offers that can be career-defining for them.

Once candidates have uploaded their CV and certificates, they never have to do it again. Importantly, when a Flinker matches a FlinkCo’s search criteria and filters, they appear in the search almost immediately

Fast, high quality, safe and inexpensive; Flink Recruitment Platform is clearly the way forward and poised to change traditional recruiting forever.

About Flink Recruit

Founded in 2021, the unique recruitment platform aims for high-speed quality placements through disruptive innovation and is taking the industry by storm.


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