How a Title IX Lawyer Can Protect a Student’s Rights and Reputation

When a person has been accused of sexual assault, or harassment, it can affect their entire future. Many schools will remove a student’s name from the school roster or expel them from college. These consequences can last the rest of the student’s life. They may lose their scholarships or have a permanent mark that will make it difficult to find a job or get into graduate programs. A good Title IX law firm can help protect students’ rights during an inquiry and a hearing.

Title IX’s ban on sex discrimination extends far beyond sexual assault and harassment and encompasses a wide variety of activities and situations, including pregnancy, gender identity, and gender expression. If you fall under one of these circumstances, it is important to consult a Title IX Lawyer Dekalb because there are certain rules and regulations.

Title IX investigations in many cases are handled by Title IX coordinators at the institution. This person is responsible for supporting the victim’s rights, but they are also required to protect the accused student’s rights and protections as well. Title IX Coordinators do not always understand this, which can lead to unfair punishments and long-term consequences for the accused student.

The school will likely implement interim protection measures at the beginning of a Title IX inquiry to protect the alleged victims. This could include a “no-contact” order that prohibits communication between complainant and accused. These can affect a child’s participation in social organizations like fraternities or sororities. They can also affect their classroom interactions and athletic participation.

Title IX investigators will begin collecting evidence for the case. This includes text messages, voice or video recordings, and other types of evidence. This can be an extremely stressful time, and it’s important to seek legal assistance as soon as possible. A lawyer can help you gather and organize the evidence to best present to the investigator. They can also advise you on whether it is advisable to offer any statements to the investigator.

The school will schedule an hearing with all parties, including their advisors, to review the findings of the investigation. A good lawyer is an asset when preparing for the hearing and ensuring the school follows the policies and procedures of the school.

After the hearing is over, the school may either impose sanctions against the student or dismiss the complaint. In certain cases, the student who is accused may have the option to appeal a sanction decision. The assistance of an experienced Title IX defense lawyer can greatly improve your chances of success with an appeal. In addition, a skilled lawyer can sometimes persuade a school or employer to change the initial decision or soften the consequences. If the school will not change its decision, then you may want to file a lawsuit or a complaint to the Office of Civil Rights.

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