International Shipments Are Generally More Expensive Than Domestic Shipments

Shipping products to other countries is an essential part of running a successful eCommerce business. Not only can it help your business expand its reach to new customers, but it could also increase your sales by up to 15 percent.


The shipping industry transports almost 2 billion tons of raw material and other resources every year. This allows countries to construct factories, cities, house and move people. This capacity is a key driving force for modern society and helps emerging countries scale up their economies.

It is crucial to remember that the shipping industry is a complex industry with many factors that affect its financial viability. This includes international laws and regulations for customs and currency exchanges, time zones and more.

International Even Mix Ships Internationally are generally more expensive than domestic shipments, and costs can differ based on product, country, as well as shipping method. These are the factors that affect duty and customs fees as well as shipping rates and packaging and insurance.

You should consider these additional expenses carefully and incorporate them into your pricing strategy. This is particularly important if you’re targeting global markets that are famous for their tax rates for duty and customs.

It’s a great way to see how international shipments impact your shipping costs. Get quotes from different parcel delivery firms and examine them. This will allow you to choose the most economical option.

Make sure you have the proper packaging materials and boxes in order to send your items overseas. These may include packing tape, bubble wrap and stuffing for cushioning. These can be purchased through the internet or at your local post office.

Your online store should have a an official policy page that clearly states who pays duties and taxes for orders shipped internationally. This will help build trust and ensure that all new customers are satisfied with their purchases.

Be sure to review your shipping policies regularly to be able to communicate the changes as they occur. Having a clear shipping policy will save you time and decrease the number of refund requests you receive when shipping internationally.

It’s also a good idea to have your shipping rates and times clearly stated on your website, so that visitors can determine the cost of sending their items abroad before they make their purchase. This will increase confidence in your store and prevent visitors from having to return their items.

Use a trusted eCommerce fulfillment service that can manage international shipping efficiently and effectively. They’ll be able to work with customs and other regulatory requirements of various countries, and will provide a simple way for you to track your deliveries.

International shipping can be a challenge for small businesses, however it isn’t necessary to be. Start by selling only to a few countries and then grow as you learn more.

A small quantity of samples to try before committing is an excellent method to test the reliability of the suppliers and their shipping methods. You can then see how long it takes the product to arrive and determine whether the price is reasonable.

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