Mordee is changing its business model to become an eVoucher booking platform

Set to help patients buy eVouchers directly from the platform to take them to the clinic

Mordee, the trusted name in medical records, is changing its business model to become a leading eVoucher booking platform, allowing patients to directly purchase eVouchers to take to the clinic.

What started as Thailand’s domestic version of MyMediTravel, a renowned global medical tourism platform, has gone from strength to strength since its inception in pre-Covid times. Business ground to a halt during the pandemic as most of the team stopped working in late 2020. Since then, however, the company has soared like a phoenix and will be more prominent in its new avatar.

Interestingly, even through the trying times of the pandemic, the platform remained virtually unchanged. And yet it managed to reach around 150,000 monthly visitors who used the platform to find out about the best electoral processes in the country. Mordee has managed to grow steadily through partnerships with more than 100 new medical, dental and cosmetic clinics in the country.


It has helped the platform serve the fast-growing audience that trusts it for vital information on election processes. While other platforms are in play, most are centered around clinics in the capital, Bangkok. But that’s not the case here as this trusted name is constantly looking for partners in local areas including Khon Kaen, Udon Thani, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Surat Thani, Nakhorn Ratchasima and Chiang Rai.

Those looking for the best dental care in the country will be pleased to know that this is the specialty that Mordee has chosen to focus on. Therefore, in the future, as it continues to grow, there will be newer partnerships, especially with dental clinics, for the benefit of the audience. But that’s not the only aspect to look forward to as it takes the new form of an eVoucher booking platform for the benefit of patients.

From dental to medical and cosmetic treatments; It is already the go-to place for information on several important procedures in the country. And now, in partnership with its sister company The Thaiger, it will be able to offer readers the benefits of eVouchers. In fact, it will start promoting its eVouchers to more than 5 million Thai readers per month from February 22nd.

To realize the potential of this new type of platform, Mordee has made significant changes to its website. Thanks to these changes, it will now be possible to sell eVouchers directly through its website, for the convenience of its users. It means it doesn’t rely on the clinics paying for it in the month following treatment. Therefore, patients looking for the best treatments across the country can not only get the information they need, but also instant coupons to take to the clinic.

About Mordee

Launched as Thailand’s domestic version of the global medical tourism platform – MyMediTravelit has grown tremendously through over 100 new partnerships with medical, dental and cosmetic clinics across the country and reaches 150,000 visitors monthly.

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