Online Remote Audio & Video Interpreting Foreign Language Service launches new website to showcase its new services

Offers SpeakNOW™ Online Remote Audio & Video Interpreting to optimize voice communication.

A Foreign Language Service (AFLS), the renowned name in the industry, has launched its new website to showcase its latest services, including SpeakNOW Online remote interpreting of audio and video that offers clients an innovative advantage.

Providing remote audio and video interpreting, professional in-person interpreting and contracted document translation services in more than 400 languages, the company has built a solid repertoire for over 28 years working with government agencies, healthcare organizations, legal professionals and schools works together. Some of its key clients include Banner Health, The Arizona Bar Association and local government agencies such as the City of Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa and many more.

A foreign language service

“We are pleased to be able to offer our SpeakNOW On-demand language interpreting via over-the-phone interpreting (OPI) and remote video interpreting (VRI) in one cost-effective affair for a variety of industries. Especially since the service can easily be accessed via an app on your smartphone.” ~ Bill Peters – Managing Director – AFLS

A foreign language service has consistently upped its game to meet the needs of the industry. And it has done so once again with his Online video remote interpreting App that makes work easier for customers in a wide variety of areas. All businesses and organizations know the importance of engaging their audience in meaningful dialogue and communication. But that’s getting difficult as societies become more diverse and remote video interpreting becomes more popular.

There is the SpeakNOW The remote audio and video interpreting platform introduced by A Foreign Language Service comes into play to make communication via telephone and video interpreting seamless. It is a secure, new-age, cloud-based system designed to meet all interpreting needs instantly. The easy-to-use app is also a one-stop solution that makes scheduling, billing, and more possible for clients.

That Online remote interpreting App is an inexpensive way to overcome language barriers quickly and easily. Thanks to the app, customers can either call or jump on the video and instantly connect with a translator. It saves the hassle of making an appointment, scheduling important calls based on available time slots, etc. You can answer the call and instantly select a translator in the language you want.

While the modern app makes things a lot easier for clients, A Foreign Language Service also offers niche healthcare interpreting and translation services. The importance of effectively delivering medical and telemedicine communications cannot be overstated. The company works with a strong, well-trained and experienced team of professionals who can handle the task with ease.

This also applies to legal interpreting and translation, another area in which A Foreign Language Service specializes. It may be a business transaction, board contract or court proceeding; its experts can cover any legal translation and interpretation in more than 400 different languages. It is interesting to note that these services are provided in the form of personal interpreting and document translation.

A Foreign Language Service offers B2B, B2C, government services, educational support and many other interpreting and translation services along with the newly launched time-efficient and cost-effective app. Those interested can learn more about these services and their affordable plans at

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Providing professional interpreting and document translation services in more than 400 languages, the company has made a name for itself by working with leading national organizations, government agencies, schools and more.


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