Packing Service Inc. addresses when custom crates are required for shipping

Leading packaging and crating company sheds light on key packaging materials

Packing Service Inc., the leading packaging and crating company, addressed the need for custom crates for shipping and offered information on key packaging materials and how to use them intelligently.

Since its inception almost two decades ago Packing Service Inc. has set itself the goal of achieving the highest standards in nationwide on-site service. It offers a wide range of services including professional packing and wrapping, loading, packing, palletizing and shipping domestically or internationally. It has thus become the one stop shop for customers with their unique needs and their excellent customer reviews are a testament to the quality of the services.

The premiere Packing and crating company has also consistently maintained transparent communication with consumers to reassure them. It offers them valuable information to clear their concerns and doubts as is the case now by talking about custom crates and if they are required for shipping. While it’s true that wooden crates are essential for shipping, they’re not the only packaging material people need to pay attention to.

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The Renowned packers and loaders claim that plastic wrap should be considered one of the most critical components of shipping. Packing Service Inc. also highlights two types of plastic wrap – shrink wrap and stretch wrap. Each of them has its specific characteristics and functions. Reliable packers and shippers have the know-how to use them intelligently and ensure shipments go smoothly for customers.

Working with professionals helps because they understand that it’s good to use neutral colors so they don’t clash with the product packaging. It ensures that the goods do not warp through the wrapping in the event of any rips or tears. It is interesting to note that these plastic sheets have clear zones at the end, allowing users to add a new sheet without removing the old one. The tape also has holes to hold the gasket in place.

One must avoid using straight tape as it can be used to tear the plastic wrap. On the other hand, double-sided tape and hot glue are good options. Shrink wrap provides a flexible barrier that retains moisture. It is often used to pack products in their original boxes. Stretch film, on the other hand, reduces the space required for shipping and should be chosen for products that require a large number of materials.

These are the insights a professional packing and crating company will have. Using pre-made crates can be expensive and takes a lot of effort. Leading professional companies make packing and shipping easy, ensuring it is safe and cost-effective.

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