The Healing Tree Center Launches 7 Day Ayahuasca Retreat and Machu Picchu Tour

Experience the journey towards spirituality, self-development and alignment of energy

The Healing Tree Center is proud to present the 7 Days Ayahuasca Retreat and Machu Picchu Tour. There is a variety of retreats from 1 day to 14 days. Guests are welcome to combine these retreats with a tour to Machu Picchu. Spirituality, self-development and alignment of energy are essential in human life. Each individual must discover the true essence of their being and understand the deepest values ​​that are at the core of their existence. However, with today’s lifestyle and materialistic life purpose, people are getting distracted from their spiritual selves. The ongoing pandemic has shed some light on why living a whole life is so important.

People embark on their path to spirituality through meditation, yoga, or other practices. The Healing Tree Center is one such center that has been helping people on their spiritual journey for over a decade. Spirituality has nothing to do with religion or race. It has everything to do with body, mind and soul. So paying attention to this aspect means that a person is doing what is most important for their general well-being.

The Healing Tree Center

That Ayahuasca and San Pedro retreats were designed to help guests begin this journey amidst the most serene, peaceful and picturesque area that boasts a centuries-old tradition followed by the local shamans. Each retreat has its therapeutic benefits: relief from physical ailments or mental illness, trauma or fear. The program includes comprehensive therapies that not only enable self-knowledge, but understand the root problem through the mind. The masters here have undergone extensive training in dealing with the chants, songs, melodies and melodic drawings.

The center offers Ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonies as part of the retreat programs. Guests can choose the programs according to their spiritual needs. The ceremonies take place in the Sacred Valley near Cusco, known for its scenic beauty and archaeological wonder. These ceremonies are conducted by native Amazonian and Andean masters and performed with the consent and direction of the Shipibo-Konibo and the Andean Qero community, the last community and direct blood of the Incas. The website provides detailed information on each retreat, the ceremonies performed, nutritional information, who can and cannot attend the ceremonies, guidelines to be followed during the stay, and much more.

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About the Medicinal Tree Center

The Healing Tree Center is a holistic retreat center in Ayahuasca and San Pedro that has been helping people since 2010. Located on the private farmland of the Sacred Valley near Cusco, this center works with highly qualified staff, shamans, retreat assistants and facilitators, cooks, trainers, therapists and translators. The retreat center offers individual healing treatments as well as group treatments.



The Healing Tree Center

Address: D-8 Kantus Street, La Florida, Cusco-Peru

Phone: +51-993662522


Medicinal Tree Center

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