Water Slide Rentals – The Perfect Center-Piece For Your Summer Celebration

With these water slide rentals, you can turn any event into a wet-and-wild summer celebration. They are the perfect center piece attraction that will draw attention from blocks away.

Check out our 19′ Wild Wave rental water slide with its eye-catching waving sliding lane and pool. This is the most popular slide rental.

Water Slides

Nothing says summer fun like a giant water slide. These inflatable rentals make the perfect centerpiece for any event or party. The inflatables are made of “lead-free vinyl” for the safety of children and are cleaned between uses. Browse our selections below and click the title or image for more information and to make your reservation, For more: https://www.abouttobounce.com/category/inflatable_water_slide_rentals/

With its marble and blue design, the 19′ Blue Ice Water Slide can cool things down for your party. It’s the perfect addition to any backyard party and will attract attention from blocks away!

Space Saver 2 Combo offers the same fun as a water slides but is more compact. It includes a big bouncing space, a basket-ball hoop and two lanes of wave slide in one! The kids will keep running to this slide.

Jumping Bounce Homes

Bounce houses have become an essential part of children’s parties. They are a fun way for children to spend time and let them use imagination while they bounce and slide. Many manufacturers are now creating new designs that go beyond the traditional bounce house. They include inflatable sports, obstacle courses, and dunk-tanks. Some of the names for these party rentals include bouncy house, jumbo-jump, astro-jump and space walk.

Before you open your bounce house business make sure that you have obtained an official CO (Certificate Of Occupancy). The local building inspector will be able assist you. Also, it is a good idea to set up a legal business entity such as a sole proprietorship, partnership or LLC to protect yourself from personal liability.

We usually drop off the items on the evening before the rental start date. If this isn’t possible, we can deliver them the morning before the rental date.

Obstacle Courses

Obstacle courses are a great way to encourage kids to be active and have fun! They help children to develop their gross motor abilities like jumping and running smoothly. They also help develop motor planning, memory, and following directions.

You can set up obstacle courses in many places, but it is best to choose an area that has plenty of space for guests to move. You can put inflatable games, water slides or other entertainment options near the obstacle course to allow guests to pick their favourite.

The competitive nature of obstacle races can foster healthy rivalry and a sense of achievement amongst friends and family. It can be a great workout if you choose a race that is of varying distances. It requires endurance, strength and coordination.

Combo Bouncers

Our combo bouncers are sure to be the hit of your next party. These inflatable combos combine the best of both worlds: a large jump house with an attached slides! Kids love to jump and climb up the slides, then slither down them over and over again. It’s hard to keep the smiles off their faces!

There is something for everyone in our large, colorful selection of combo bouncers. These inflatables combine popular bounce houses with fun elements such as climb and slides, basketball hoops or popup obstacles.

Our inflatables are all cleaned and sanitized prior to each rental. They are also made of “lead-free vinyl” for your family’s protection. Click the title or image to get more information or make a reservation. We proudly serve Denham Springs and Livingston Parish.

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